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This makes an amazing gift and a great way to mark special events in your family! All rights reserved. Your privacy is our top priority. We have recently updated our Privacy Policy. Sharing your knowledge on a website, blog, or through a cite like this Research Wiki is not only helpful to others but can also be rewarding to yourself when others start sharing their knowledge with you. Do you find genealogy interesting and enjoyable? Do you think it is worth pursuing in greater detail? Would you consider making a career choice related to genealogy? Always remember that you are never really alone in this endeavor as there are forums which may do volunteer work to help you get over a hurdle or there may be local historians who could help for little or no cost to you.

You can always rely on the expertise and experience of others who have faced the same issues and who were willing to document their knowledge in a Research Wiki like this one. You can also access the Family History Library records collections without an Church account in order to search the records that are currently on-line and anyone has full access to the FamilySearch local history centers that can give you assistance and access to records that are currently not available on-line note that there is a shipping fee for requested materials.

While the Research Wiki's objective is to provide location information for resources, the Family Tree software is designed for searching and recording information about the people in your ancestry. A free account can be easily established which will give you access to both the Family Tree features and the Research Wiki editing options. When you are successful in acheiving your step by step set of goals, be sure to aim a little higher with your next objectives. You never know, someday one of those goals could be to write articles in this FamilySearch Research Wiki that would be useful to others.

Searching Genealogy Names. Creating a Personal History. Involve Children and Youth in Family History. Creating Oral Histories. Preserving Photographs and Documents. Adobe Photoshop. Free image resources. Creating a Family History. Create a genealogy web page. How to create your own private website. Resources for individual help. Popular Social Networks for Genealogy.

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A Guide to Research. Create a Family History.

Use the Internet for Family History Research. Oral Personal History. Personal History - Hints on Writing. Personal Histories - different kinds. Write a Personal History. Writing Your Family and Personal Histories. Personal History - Write or Record It? Personal History - Recording with a Camcorder. Cite Your Sources Source Footnotes. Hiring a Professional Researcher.

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  • To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. Beginners First Step is as Easy as ! Capture relatives' memories before they are forgotten or gone. Ask questions ; record or videotape the answers if possible. Remember, the only dumb question is the one that was never asked.

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    Preserve originals or copies of all the old photographs and documents. Identify those pictured in photographs while living relatives can still do so. Organize the valuables in at least two distinct formats and two separate locations. Retain paper copies and properly store the originals. Digitize for the future keep your storage media up-to-date too.

    Is this a pastime, hobby, a passion, a calling, a vocation, a career, or a legacy? Start slowly to build confidence.

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    Build a cooperative network to share data and activities. Do not get overwhelmed and buried in an avalanche of paperwork organize as you go. Tell a story based on the data the life of your favorite relative. Share your results with others Start a webpage or blog. Keep a research log to record clues and theories you want to prove. Constantly re-adjust your course in light of new data that is discovered. Safeguard your results for posterity. Create backups for both the physical documents and the digital data. Keep your storage media up-to-date so you can always access the data.

    Continue to expand your genealogical education as your interest grows. Rethink your objectives and pace yourself for the long haul there is no hurry to finish a project that has no end. Try to side-step it by following other nearby family lines. Look for neighbors and nearby relatives in the census records. Double check your research and previous conclusions. Let it go for now as new online data will eventually be available After exhausting the on-line resources , "hit the ground running" by utilizing the Research Wiki for off-line resources. Study migration patterns for clues to missing relatives or to help build your storyline.

    Let your interests and experience guide where your journey is to go next. Categories : Templates Auto-outdated Beginners.

    Do you feel the benefits of DNA testing outweigh the risks?

    Navigation menu Personal tools English. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read View source View history. Research Wiki. This page was last edited on 14 June , at This page has been viewed 5, times 98 via redirect Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Begin the discovery of your ancestry, family history, and family tree.

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    Starting from novice to expert, learn to locate and search the genealogy records using the free FamilySearch Research Wiki. Contents 1 Beginners First Step is as Easy as ! What is heritage? Do I really want to get involved with a genealogy project? As depicted in the diagram it can be a balancing act where you could either end up flat on your face or be off to a good start.

    This decision is to actually determine if you are willing and able to expend the time, energy, and resources needed to achieve your goals.

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