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However, you can change your cookie setting at any time by clicking on our Cookie Policy at any time. You can also see our Privacy Policy. Interested in blogging for timesofindia. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. You read it here first. President Obama has said he would have beaten Donald Trump had he run again, which the US constitution debars him from doing see this Chicago Tribune report. This amounts, in effect, to a criticism of…. This despite the fact that a majority of the mainstream American media —….

This is a droll link which rates various US Presidents, as well as current contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, on their intelligence. Should be taken with a big pinch of salt, but nevertheless entertaining…. There were less than 50 passengers on board the big jet and they were distributed across the plane so as…. We are not the ones to judge who should live and who should die. In this moment of sadness and pain we look to the heavens knowing … there are stars up above, so far away we only see their light long after the star itself is gone.

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And so it is with the people we have loved. Their memories keep shining ever brightly. Let the stars light up the darkest night these are the stars that guide us. As we live our days we remember them. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is the first speaker.

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Rawlings thanks elected officials from other states and cities who have traveled to the service. This absurd violence on our streets. Those who will help us fight it are our men and women in blue, our peacemakers in blue. They have died for that cause. Rawlings talked about the spirit of the city of Dallas. I have asked why us. And in my moments of self doubt I discover the truth. That we did nothing wrong. In fact Dallas is very very good.

Our police are among the best in the country. I am in awe of our Dallas police officers. The crowd applauded and gave a standing ovation. Where men die for the rights that this country was built on. In short, I have never been more proud of my city, our city. While we did nothing wrong, there is a reason this happened here, this place, this time in history. Obama Arrives In The Meyerson.

Bush and Laura Bush have arrived in the Meyerson.

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The Star Spangled Banner is being performed. Air Force 1!

POTUS en route to memorial service. Will be back on the tarmac in few hours. Memorial Service Underway.

Barack Obama to Michelle on 27th anniversary: 'It's getting better all the time'

Somber music fills the Meyerson Symphony Center in the Dallas Arts District as law enforcement, loved ones and others honor the officers. Law enforcement representatives fill every row in the audience. President Obama has landed at Dallas Love Field and is expected to arrive soon. Five empty seats are covered with folded American flags and police hats -- each seat representing a fallen officer. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is expected to speak, as are interfaith leaders, who will offer prayers. Love this hymn. Obama Arrives In Dallas.

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They were followed off Air Force One by U. Eddie Bernice Johnson, Sen. Ted Cruz and other elected representatives. Valerie Castile's brother, Tracy Castile, said his sister had been invited to Tuesday's memorial service for the five police officers slain during a protest over the death of Castile and Alton Sterling, who was killed by police last week in Louisiana. But Tracy Castile said his sister chose to stay in Minnesota to focus on her son.

White House Considers Payroll Tax Cut that GOP Opposed During Obama Years

Valerie Castile said she was ecstatic to get the president's call. Dorothy Wilson traveled with her husband from Shreveport, Louisiana, just for the service. A lot people here today like this El Centro student just want to show love for the fallen ObamainDallas keranews pic. Vivian Morales of Mesquite said she showed up outside the Meyerson because she wanted to be with the officers who have lost loved ones. She said things are tense in the country right now. A lot of killings and violence unnecessary violence. Dallas really had nothing to do with it and it sucks that they were the ones who had to go down because of it.

Our earlier coverage. The private service will take place around p.

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Obama will be joined by former President George W. Elected officials from across Texas will be in attendance, as will law enforcement officials. Obama is expected to address violence in Dallas and across the country. We have said in the past that lawmakers should at the very least not add to the deficits, and should be part of a tax reform or deficit reduction package which substantially improves our current debt trajectory. To see expert reactions to the proposal, click here. Taxes Tax Expenditures.

https://grampofiloopaw.gq What's Next. Oct 1, Blog Paper Taxes. Sep 11, Blog Paper Taxes. Aug 19, Blog Paper Taxes.